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Custom Post Type RSS Feeds

This is a simple plugin designed to make it super easy to add custom post types RSS feed into a theme. This plugin automatically queries post types that have archives enabled and generates a markup and adds it to head.

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  1. MarkS

    If you’re wondering how to get access to this:
    1. activate it.
    2. goto your home page. R-click on it and “View Page Source”.
    3. search in there (in head section) for type=”application/rss+xml” and you’ll see all the rss feeds.
    4. Some of these will be new to you and the ones you’re looking for.
    Make a note of the url where they are available.
    (Mine said …/portfolio/feed/ because I’m using portfolio-press theme and associated plugin to make custom pages called portfolios.)
    5. To present it somewhere useful. I used the “Custom Meta Widget” plugin which allows me to replace my meta widget with an editable one. I added my new rss feed as a custom entry on this widget.

  2. Adriana

    Hi Jonny
    I have created the news section as a post type, and I installed your plugin (to get RSS feed), but the RSS feed doesnt seem to appear. This is the message I get: “This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.”
    Any idea what the problem is? or how to fix it? Thanks hips

  3. xavierv

    It would be great if the plugin allowed deeper management of the feeds: Set title, URL, thumb image, slug, text insertion before/after post, for full feed customization. ++


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